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Pain of Federal budget cuts April 10, 2011

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The one week continuing resolution passed by Congress early this past Saturday morning and signed by Pres. Obama, which came after seemingly painstaking negotiations may seem to have the appearance of a reprieve for the nation, it’s federal employees and those who have an investment in the services and resoucres the federal government provides, but appearances can be deceiving.

Once the Congress and the nation gets a look at the details of the overall “deal” as agreed to by Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Boehner that led to this latest CR, it is my belief that the American people will slowly come to realize the true costs (and pain) of cutting spending that the federal government engages in.

Why I am not a spending “liberal”, advocating that government live outside it’s fiscal means, I am concerned that the true waste of federal spending will go untouched.  For example, how can the nation justify spending billions in subsidies to the oil industry, while this same industry is raking in billions in profits.

Unfortunately, it will be the most vulnerable citizens of this nation that feel the brunt of these so-called cuts in federal spending from Republicans and Democrats alike.  And the rich continues in this nation to get richer!