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the Summer August recess!!! August 19, 2011

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The month of August has been historically a period in the U. S. of “rest and relaxation”.  Virtually every institution and entity in the U. S. is operating in some type of casual, reduced hour mode.  Churches, libraries, corporations, the Congress, state and local legislative bodies and units of governments ALL reducing the workflow to allow employees and their families to spend some quality time together prior to Labor Day, the traditional U. S. holiday that officially signals the ending of the summer season and America’s return to business.

Everybody, gets to take some sort of vacation, some period of down time, UNLESS, of course you just happen to be the President of the United States of America AND there are people lined up to take your job from you 15 months from now.

So President Obama takes his family to Martha’s Vineyard and in predictable fashion, his critics (many of whom are likely on downtime) churn out the righteously indignant statements that he does not care about all the unemployed Americans because he’s on vacation.

Early this week, a Chicago reporter friend of mine who had just returned from vacation blogged the following:

“One of the nice things about going on vacation — other than the sheer joy of getting away from the daily grind — is that it puts things in perspective.  Having just spent two weeks out of the country, watching my IRA again melt away with the latest stock market gyrations, has indeed put some things in perspective. It’s reminded me of things I knew, but highlighted them.  Things like how evenly and truly divided this country really is on things that count. And how, unless we as a country somehow resolve those differences and work out our differences, we’ll head the way of Greece, Italy and Spain, some of the places I happened to visit.”

He entitled his piece: Can anyone lead America anymore?, as he examined the current state of dysfunction, not just in America’s political system but also among its citizenry.

There is a crazed atmosphere that has swept the nation.  people have divided themselves over any and every thing.  It is almost impossible for groups of people to agree on how to handle most things of substance AND the nation is and will continue to pay the price. But for how long?????

As I ponder this question, I do so looking forward as this nation prepares to honor civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28th with the opening of his Memorial building in D.C.  I reflect on the words of his March 1965 speech, after the successful completion of the Selma to Montgomery march, on the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama titled “How Long, Not Long”.

Dr. King said, “I know you are asking today, “How long will it take?” Somebody’s asking, “How long will prejudice blind the visions of men, darken their understanding, and drive bright-eyed wisdom from her sacred throne?” Somebody’s asking, “When will wounded justice, lying prostrate on the streets of Selma and Birmingham and communities all over the South, be lifted from this dust of shame to reign supreme among the children of men?”

Somebody’s asking, “When will the radiant star of hope be plunged against the nocturnal bosom of this lonely night, plucked from weary souls with chains of fear and the manacles of death? How long will justice be crucified, and truth bear it?”  I come to say to you this afternoon, however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long, because “truth crushed to earth will rise again. “How long? Not long, because “no lie can live forever.  “How long? Not long, because “you shall reap what you sow.” 

As so, I choose to believe that this madness gripping many segments of this society shall also not last long.  For certain, we will always have people angry about something and disappointed in somebody, but I choose to look forward, both for the sake of my children and the nation, for Trouble Don’t Last Always and the Summer is Almost Over!!!


When a President is Presidential! May 4, 2011

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Much has been written and indeed, much will continue to be written concerning the United States’ elimination of Osama bin Laden. I, in fact, have much to say on this subject in the coming days and months, and perhaps years!  But for this space now, permit me to opine this thought:

Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, was very decisive, informed and focused in the bin Laden operation and his national security apparatus performed with precision.

Whether this event will be viewed as the defining moment of his presidency, will likely be left to historians to debate.  What is clear and in my humble opinion not subject to debate is Mr. Obama was in fact every bit Presidential. 

And that’s exactly what he was elected to be!!!!

Pain of Federal budget cuts April 10, 2011

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The one week continuing resolution passed by Congress early this past Saturday morning and signed by Pres. Obama, which came after seemingly painstaking negotiations may seem to have the appearance of a reprieve for the nation, it’s federal employees and those who have an investment in the services and resoucres the federal government provides, but appearances can be deceiving.

Once the Congress and the nation gets a look at the details of the overall “deal” as agreed to by Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Boehner that led to this latest CR, it is my belief that the American people will slowly come to realize the true costs (and pain) of cutting spending that the federal government engages in.

Why I am not a spending “liberal”, advocating that government live outside it’s fiscal means, I am concerned that the true waste of federal spending will go untouched.  For example, how can the nation justify spending billions in subsidies to the oil industry, while this same industry is raking in billions in profits.

Unfortunately, it will be the most vulnerable citizens of this nation that feel the brunt of these so-called cuts in federal spending from Republicans and Democrats alike.  And the rich continues in this nation to get richer!

Hello world! October 6, 2010

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